Canadian Beacon Blog: Political Double Speak and the Throne Speech (Part 2)

By Konstantine Roccas, Staff Writer

In the last instalment I covered certain promises and did some fact checks on certain statements in the throne speech. This instalment should feature more of the same but with a focus on business and natural resources. In lieu of wasting more time; I will cut the introduction short as that was handled in the last instalment. Enjoy the world of political double speak.

Original: Canadians know that businesses create jobs. So our Government lowered their tax burden and cut red tape.

Fact Check: Yes, corporate tax breaks are the staple of any conservative government post-Reagan. The problem is while corporations are dancing the jig of rising profits and benefits, these aren’t really trickling down to the people who need them most for an economy to run properly. The current corporate tax rate is 15 percent. Again, this revolves around the failed notion that money trickles down. It never really has, and it never will. Also, the revenue lost needs to be recovered somehow. This usually takes the form of reducing payments to the provinces or cutting needed social services or more.

Original: However, for Canadians to benefit fully from our natural resources we must be able to sell them. A lack of key infrastructure threatens to strand these resources at a time when global demand for Canadian energy is soaring.

Translation: Enbridge Pipeline is going through.

Original:  Our Government will work in partnership with industry to ensure that all major

Military purchases create high-quality jobs for Canadian workers.

Fact Check: Yes, because the F-35 project has proven such a boon to the Canadian economy and workforce. Lockheed is an American manufacturer and holds the contract from the Canadian government. Costs at the moment are at roughly 45 billion dollars and could potentially balloon to 71 billion before all is said and done.

Original: Canadians also know that prostitution victimizes women and threatens the safety of our

communities. Our Government will vigorously defend the constitutionality of Canada’s

prostitution laws

Translation/Fact: Prostitution is bad, and there will be no change whatsoever to the current laws.

Even though it has been successfully argued that a safe work environment for these women would actually be more beneficial to preventing unwanted sexual assault than our current laws, the Harper government continues to ignore the issue because of some archaic notion of morality. It could also be taxed if it were legal. Just a thought Mr. Harper.

Original: Our Government recognizes that the future prosperity of the North requires responsible

development of its abundant natural resources.

Translation: Our government recognizes that the future prosperity of the North depends on the oil believed to be tucked away beneath all that melting ice.

Original: Our Government will also continue to defend the seal hunt, an important source of food

and income for coastal and Inuit communities

Fact: We’ve been nationally excoriated by the Europeans over this issue but clearly we’re willing to let it stand. Disgusting.

Original: Building a Memorial to the Victims of Communism, to remember the millions who

suffered under tyranny

Translation: In the view of the Conservative party, we liken Communism to tyranny and the two are indistinguishable from each other.

That pretty much sums up aspects of the speech that I deemed note-worthy. I purposely left out such topics as the consumer media packages as well as other statements heavily reported on in the media. For those interested, I highly suggest reading through the speech in its entirety and separating fact from fiction and political grandiosity.

Next month: Cyber-Bullying, responsibility and more. Have a happy Halloween everybody.

Konstantine Roccas is an observer of local and international affairs and governance, but also writes about anything else that piques his ire.

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