4 Ways to Get Tech Resistant Employees on Board with Video Conferencing

As a business owner, you’ll inevitably run into employees who are not only resistant to certain types of cutting edge technology, but also downright spooked by it. Usually, this can be chalked up to the fact that people have a certain way of doing things they’ve grown used to, and old habits die hard. Here are four tips on how to get tech resistant employees—whether young or old—to warm up to the newest advances in business communication.

1. Everyone Else Is Doing It

This is a simple, yet effective argument. Making a logical case for new technology can help sway employees who are resentful to implement and accept it. Going out on a limb to satisfy long-term or particularly productive employees is something you should be willing to do, as long as they’re willing to keep an open mind. According to a survey conducted in 2013 of business leaders around the globe, 52 percent reported that they expected video conferencing to be their primary method of communication in the next two years, according to The Guardian. If you’re dealing with employees who pride themselves on being rational and making informed decisions, quoting statistics and hard facts is a great way to get them on board with video conferencing.

Wean Them off Desktop Computers

If you’re trying to convince a tech resistant employee to change their tune about video conferencing, you might as well go all the way. A survey of 511 business executives found that nine out of 10 used their smartphone for business, with 10 percent stating that it was their primary device used in day-to-day decision-making, according to Forbes. Therefore, you should also plan to train employees on video conferencing via a mobile device in one fell swoop. It’s better to do this as one package, rather than trying to initiate them into video conferencing in baby steps. The fact of the matter is that mobile video conferencing is actually much easier than using a desktop computer.

Chances are that if you’re dealing with an employee who, years ago, was resistant to computers, they might actually be happy to go back to something more basic. Although mobile devices are some of the most cutting edge technology out there for businesses, your employees who dislike technology don’t need to know that. Although they may have found desktop computers difficult to adjust to, video conferencing on mobile devices is so simple, they might actually find it to be a desirable alternative. This is a great way to roll video conferencing and mobile device training into one package, and will assist with getting employees who are stuck in their ways on the same page with you.

It’s Actually Old School

Although your older employees may think that using a system like Blue Jeans mobile video conferencing eliminates the perks of old school business dealings, think again. If anything, video conferencing is a throwback to days when almost every interaction was in-person. The most remote contact that professionals made was using the phone, and the old adage about making a deal on a handshake can still prove true. It’s all about face-to-face interaction, whether you and your technology resistant colleagues are participating in a video conference on a mobile device or a desktop computer. Reassuring your less tech savvy employees that video conferencing is all about getting back to basics is a great way to initiate them into this brave new world.

Better Control of Personal Image

Everyone strives to keep control of their professional image, and this goes double for old-fashioned workers or those who prefer more traditional approaches to meetings.

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