The highest paid jobs in 2014

Throughout this small article we tried to summarize the top 10 highest paid jobs for the current year of 2014. There gathered the best demanded and rewarding positions for you to consider. Looking back, there are some trends to point out, and you’ll be able to spot them soon.

Medicine’s on the rise

Gone are the days in which the best paid jobs were related to commerce and management. Today’s financial crisis served to ramp up the industries we can’t do without, such as the health industry. There’s no surprise in knowing that the Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in 2014 are very health-heavy and the top 5 is exclusively taken by the medicine industry.

First off, the very best paid job in 2014 is occupied by the surgeon. Surgeons were a constant in this list, and that’s because the work is pretty much vital for our healthcare – and it is also quite difficult to master and conduct, so the demand for good surgeons is always up high.

Second and third are the general physician and the psychiatrist, followed by the Orthodontist and the dentist – so you see, the top positions are deservedly taken by health related professions, which shows us that this is a good area to specialize into if you want a steady high paid job that promises growth.

Hard and demanding engineering profession

Next up, we have the Petroleum Engineer, which is a position that is pretty well paid. Unfortunately for a lot of petroleum engineers, the work is tough and it involves being away from the family and friends, on an oil drill, for extended periods of time, some even for a year!

Tense and responsible dispatchers’ positions

Air Traffic Controllers take the next spot, spot number 7, as they are increasingly well paid thanks to their duties being expanded as airport security and policies get stricter and more demanding. These professionals are usually spotted at airports’ control towers, and it isn’t a job for everyone.

Medical specialists highly needed

Healthcare strikes again with the pharmacist and podiatrist, health professionals that occupy the number 8 and number 9 steps on our top 10 list. Overall, we can really spot the trend – as 7 of our top 10 positions are occupied by healthcare professionals.

The noble work of attorney

Finally, there’s the slippery and ill-reputed attorney position to finish up the list, showing this is still a good career path for those able to cope with the negative connotations one has – we really don’t know why attorneys are so attacked by public opinion, since their work is noble and it helps thousands of innocents every month.

So, now you know what jobs are best rewarded – we’re sorry if your job isn’t included, there’s always next year.

Source: JobTonic

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